About English Language

English is not a very simple language as some people want to think because most people still lack the technical language skills even after learning the basics in elementary school.

You’ll find most of the words that sound the same do have multiple spellings. There are words like: there, they ‘re and they’re gone, or there and it’s. Those who don’t have good spelling power, may be in trouble. What it takes is to decide the word according to the meaning or else one will be compelled to use a dictionary which is here the correct alternative. Well, excelling in spelling bees doesn’t prove you ‘re smarter than the others, but it just means you ‘re more creative than other people in this field. I strongly suggest you to visit College of English Language of Los Angeles to learn more about this.

The same is true of the punctuation and grammar taught in the simple language classes, but now how to do that is the question, since not all can consider that convenient to do that. Here too, the rules tend to vary, because everything depends on the grammar book that you’ve consulted. Therefore, if you know that this area presents you with a challenge, the best thing is to use a professional proofreader ‘s services to check your writing before presenting it to an audience.

Even rather good authors are likely to make errors, and therefore it is a risk to submit some written article, whether by email or by publishing a newsletter, or even to try to post either of such by first trying to find some errors. Do this by looking separately at each sentence, away from the other paragraphs. It is only in this way that your mind would not make you believe you’ve read the actual point, rather than just imagining what you’ve seen.

People also misuse apostrophes a bit, because they don’t know apostrophes are meant to mean possession. For example: car from Susan, or residence from the Smiths.

You ‘d also benefit from loud reading of your work. This will be a little sluggish so the phrases, typos and poor grammar would stick out as a way of expressing it.

If you’ve found an inaccurate spelling or punctuation and the dictionary can’t support, contacting a librarian or an English instructor will be your next option.

Strong English will develop your communication skills and people will begin to understand your attention to detail at the same time. With so little thought, those who click by your writing should realize that.