Advanced Telecom Systems Described

Telecom Expense Management. Three simple words, but there is more to it than one might imagine. When all aspects of the concept of Telecom Expense Management are employed within your organization, it can help you realize a tremendous reduction in expenses. With today’s economy being what it is, every dollar conserved is vital. visit the website

The Basics

Asset Management is the tracking and controlling of the actual hardware you use in you telecommunications systems, as well as keeping tabs on the contracts for your service. Unless you have someone who can spend most of his time concerned with that task, and who is knowledgeable enough, you are surely spending much more than you should be.

Invoice Validation. Industry wide, there is a certain percentage of invoices that have errors and discrepancies. Not surprisingly, a majority of those errors are in favor of the service provider. Having someone with the tools and experience to comb through the mountain of invoices will find additional savings for your company.

Expense Optimization is just that…making sure that the funds spent on your telecommunications is well spent. Experts can search for the best deals and special rates for a company of your size, all of which will cut your telecom spend and make your system more efficient.

E-Procurement is the process of having tight control over equipment and services. A centralized portal for all purchases, repairs, upgrades and returns allows your company to eliminate wasteful spending.

Last is Help Desk Support. With a single point of contact for the entire company, potential problems with moves, adds, and changes within your telecom system can be solved quickly. Help Desk knows just who to contact with all the problems that may arise. Instead of relying on the end user to stumble his way around until he happens upon the correct solution, Help Desk can expedite the process and get your employee back on line so he can be productive again.

Each of the above listed facets of Telecom Expense Management is much more involved than is indicated in this article. For more detailed information, contact a reputable TEM provider who can offer a complete package for you company, or who can help you with particular aspects instead. Either way, your bottom line will be much happier.