An Introduction of Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

When it comes to obtaining bail, this applies to a convicted suspect being released after being charged before the conclusion of their court case. Most of the time, bail is about someone who owes money to a trial-at least, that is what most films show us. Even bail can be issued without any sort of payment. Checkout Connecticut Bail Bonds Group  for more info.

If money is involved in the case, its object is to ensure the defendant is going back to court for the remainder of the trial. Bail is a major aspect of the criminal justice cycle. This can occur at any stage of the process. Nevertheless, bail is still a positive thing to have been given.

The bail amount will normally be set 48 hours following the said arrest. Of course, under some cases the convict may leave prison after bail has been set.

Two Bail Bond Types:

Cash Bond means the whole bail amount has been paid out in cash. The bail sum for cash bond is normally set by the judges at the first court appearance. Remember that these sums can be very costly due to the fact that they are charged in full.

On the other hand, Surety Bond is designed to commit serious offences, just like those of felonies. These usually surpass cash bonds and will also include a bondholder or a third party.

If you are still not sure of the advantages of making use of bail bonds, there are other incentives to do so should you be arrested:

You should discharge your other obligations

Remember that there are many obligations for a person who has been given bail. For one, after bail day, they have to guarantee their appearance on any court date. You must also be financially responsible for any future fees that may arise.

You should hire an Attorney

If you have a pending court date, or someone you love, you may want to hire a lawyer to battle the charges against. You should use this opportunity to find someone who can collect and deliver the correct facts in court in your favor.