Breast Reconstruction Guide For Every Patient

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed by using breast prosthesis and, particularly after a mastectomy procedure, aims to restore a natural looking breast shape and volume. For a psycho-emotional woman who has lost one of her breasts after ablation, this form of surgery may have a high load. Breast reconstruction (breast prosthesis) is intended to improve the self-image of each person and to increase self-confidence and quality of life.Learn more about us at Phoenix Plastic Surgery Association

In the following cases, breast reconstruction (breast prosthesis) is indicated:
* The patient is well aware of the diagnosis and treatment possibilities
* The patient should not suffer from any medical problems that may prevent the process of healing.
* Patients are positive about breast reconstruction and the overall appearance of the body after the surgical operation and have reasonable aspirations.

There are several aspects which should be discussed with the plastic surgeon during consultation. First of all, the patient’s true expectations and preferences are the most significant step. In addition, the state of health may also be influential, especially if some forms of medication are allergic to the patient. Finally, smokers are subject to a longer process of recovery, so this factor should be addressed in depth as well.

As with the preoperative signs, as a patient, breast reconstruction allows you to avoid eating or drinking something beginning the night before surgery. In addition, the use of aspirin is not allowed for at least 2 weeks prior to medical intervention, since it can have an effect on blood coagulation. In addition, for the same reason, birth control pills should be discontinued 1 month before that.