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“Amusement is the state of creativity. We can only harness creativity when we’re receptive, and receptivity is the nature of acceptance.”

Background: Berkeley, CA 1988

“Close your eyes and root yourself from the tailbone into the middle of the Earth. Place your mind behind your eyes, deep into the middle of your brain. Postulate that you must release any energy that is not yours or that is not in the present time,” the instructor set the stage for that night’s starting meditation class. You can learn more at

“Sit quietly, become an observer of your inner world from this location. Is there someone else with you there? Yes? Open the door and ask them to leave. If they do not go, send them down the drain through your grounding cord and into the core of the Earth.” She directed us to take ownership of our space; in this case, the seat of our knowledge and clear-sight.

We soon became aware of the crowds in our heads having conversation. We came to the most tenacious hangers-on when we let go of all the men, the ones who wouldn’t leave. We ‘d invited them in a long time ago after all, and encouraged them to take up space for eons.

“Dress them up in funny costumes, make them walk around the gangplank … kerplunk! put them in a crib with diapers … watch their arms wobble and their legs wiggle like babies!” Most of us giggled as we produced our own versions of similar scenarios; mine was a bucket of water over the door frame waiting for the next person to come through … splash, plunge!

It was all pretty stupid, though there was something very amusing about watching people, being shocked and soaking wet, looking pissed off, trying not to laugh at themselves … They were caught in my visual scheme. Ahhh, imagination’s pleasures; I ‘d discovered a way to unleash all the harshest forces, effortlessly!

“Amusement is like a solvent in the brain,” mused our prof. It slices through the stickiest goop and makes more space for you to be in the present time, “no strain existed in her voice.

“Imagine now that you are translucent, just like you have a glass body. Anything and everything goes through no matter how thick or harmful. “This exercise felt fairly effortless, particularly after an hour of fun to clear energy.

“Next, find a friend and let’s try to move your bodies through air. Close your eyes; sit down and look down at your transparency in the center of your head. Your partner is blowing like wind while you’re sitting watching the breeze pass through you. How did that work out? Had it worked?

“Now let’s try the other elements. Observe your body as your partner sends fire and water through your transparency. Have they reached the other side? Let’s try earth energy now. Throw some dirt through your partner. What did you notice? How did you feel like throwing the dirt away? How did you feel like your target?

“Okay, let’s make it a bit more demanding. What food do you love? Which foods are you addicted to, actually? Chocolate, right? Okay, let’s try to push through your honesty with chocolate, “the teacher always used humor to transfer energy and we had a great time, feeling very good.