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Epoxy flooring is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a floor that is not only durable, but also good looking and easy in maintenance. Let us take a closer look at it and understand more about its benefits and maintenance. Learn more by visiting Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Gatineau.

What is Epoxy:
Epoxy is the result of a chemical reaction between a resin (in this case epoxide) and a hardener (in this case polyamine). It is like a stiff plastic like material which is strong, resistant and well bonded. When this compound is applied over a floor, the floors look attractive, bright and sophisticated. Epoxy flooring increases the life of a floor due to its strength. There is no need to replace floors; a coat of epoxy can do the work and make the floors look new.

Benefits of Epoxy:
Epoxy flooring gives you the benefit of not re-doing the floor again and again. Due to the application of a chemical layer, it repels dust, water, chemicals, dirt and stains. Even if you spill some viscous liquid that is a chemical agent, you will be able to get rid of the liquid in a jiffy. It will not impact the look of the floor nor will it corrode the surface. This helps the floor to last longer. The floors do not chip off from the corners and there are no scratches. This makes the floor look cleaner and neater. Wooden floors or carpet floors often get stained and the look of the room is marred. But epoxy makes sure that floors remain intact for long period of time. This chemical treatment on the floors is beneficial especially if there are chemical treatments going on or if the floors have a heavy footfall on them.

Just because epoxy flooring repels dirt and stains does not mean we should not pay attention towards its cleanliness. There are at times some stains that can be seen on these floors. But these stains can be easily removed.

Wear rubber gloves while you are at the job. Use a blade to gently scrape off the stain and move the blade along a horizontal line. This process, if followed carefully will not leave stains on the surface. Use a sponge sander to remove the stain completely. Collect the debris with a dry piece of cloth. Then with another piece of cloth gently rub the affected area. The cloth needs to be soft so that you do not end up scratching the surface again. Apply a layer of epoxy on the area where there was the stain. Try and get the same colour of epoxy layer so that it matches with the rest of the floor. If the affected area is a small portion, you do not need to worry with the exact shade of colour. However, if the area affected is considerable large, colour mismatch will be evident.

It is quite annoying to walk on chipped and damaged floors. Epoxy flooring provides a complete solution to these problems. The chemical layer not only makes the floor look good but also increases the longevity of the floors in turn reducing the maintenance cost.

For a long time I was reluctant to hire flooring contractors for our home improvement project. But after some time I changed my mind and began the process of hiring a contractor. I would like to share with you some tips which will help you in your task of finding a good contractor who will be able to give you the best result. charlotte flooring contractors offers excellent info on this.


You need to ask some questions to find the contractor you should work with. Make sure to ask them how long they have been doing such services and how many installations they have done. Ask whether or not they can give you a quotation on the cost and the quality of the flooring materials. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Ask your friends, family members and neighbors for recommendations about the best contractors. It will not be bad if your friends, relatives and neighbors to recommend their former contractors. This way you can get a feel of how the contractor works. It would be much better to choose a contractor who has been in the business for quite some years than an inexperienced one. An inexperienced contractor can’t give you the kind of result you are looking for.

The second tip for hiring a professional flooring contractor is to make sure that the contractor you are dealing with is reputable and reliable. If you are talking to an old friend, relative or neighbor about the contractor, then you can be sure that they would not be recommending someone who does not know what he is doing. If you do not know anyone else in the same profession, you can take your time and look around. Look around at different home improvement forums and see how many people have given their opinion on the contractor.

Once you have found good references, then it is time to call the contractors up and see if they are available for the job. If you don’t know who to talk to, you can search on the internet. You will find lots of websites which will have some sort of rating system where the customer can rate the contractors on a particular criteria. These reviews will also contain the contact numbers of the contractors you will be able to contact.

The last tip is to select the right contractor for your house. This is not easy since everyone has different needs. So you need to do some research and try to find the best contractor for you. Once you have done this, then you will be able to get the best results from the installation process.

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