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There are several light-based skin therapies that enable you improve the skin’s look. But these therapies use powerful pulsed laser and light treatments that trigger the skin to experience thermal damage. However, such high-power concentrated and oriented lasers will have extreme side effects, so during such a operation you would take a long time to heal. But the illumination used is diffused with Lead light therapy, which will thus reach deeper than lasers. It may also be spread in the whole care region but without damage to the patient.Have a look at Audrey Christou – Facial Spa for more info on this.

Why LED functions The light from it connects with the cells as you perform a LED therapy and prods them into generating and increasing the body’s new elastic and collagen cells. The former is a kind of connective tissue that allows the skin to become elastic. LED wavelengths can be monitored, and cells can be switched off and based on the need. That is why experiments have shown that this kind of energy is effective in certain fields as well as in preventing the production of collagen in other places to keep wounds from developing.

What Occurs During LED Care A lamp supplying a continuous stream of LED energy is used during a light therapy session. It’s directed at the field of care required. The whole process will take anywhere from 30 to 20 minutes so once it has ended, you can go back to work so your daily routine. If you are interested in getting this anti-aging procedure, remember that experts agree that for a duration of approximately one and a half months, i.e. six weeks, you would require one 30-minute Directed skin treatment every 7 to 10 days. After that, every month or two you will go for the repair care. The amount and duration of the LED light treatment depends on how bad the condition is, as well as the location of the surface being handled. You should see a positive outcome during each planned session, and significant change. The period for two treatments may be lengthened when the therapy draws to a close.

Benefits Of LED Treatment

There are many areas in which LED treatment has proven to be effective. They include reduction of acne scars and wrinkles, skin strengthening, reduction of brown spots and freckles and improved texture. Another area where this treatment bests the others is that it can be used on all kinds of ethnic skin types unlike other light-based treatments. It is also more affordable than others. For combating sun damage and aging, LED light therapy is known to produce only positive results.

Drawbacks Of LED Therapy

There are some side effects of this kind of therapy and they include tingling after a session and redness. But sometimes to get the best results, multiple treatments are required and for that you may have to be under the treatment for three to six months!