Changing Your Ostomy Pouch

There is no need to explain what is a ConvaTech ostomy bag, or ostomy, below. Whether you have it or are preparing to perform surgery for it, so I’m confident that your respected surgeon has already clarified what this is about and why you need it. At this point, the most important thing to learn is how to take control of things, and what to anticipate when you’re trying to fix it on your own. click here It is mainly the issue for people who have already had ostomy surgical operations, or others who are going to do it. Don’t get too nervous now. Below are valuable bits of knowledge that will help you and the members of your family too.

Until you start get your supplies available. These are the items you need:-A fresh pocket— Scissors — A pocket clip— Stoma powder— Clean towels or paper towels— Stoma tape, often it’s a ring seal — Skin pads for wounds or stoma— A measurement stick— A pen You can order your stoma supplies from medical vendors, you will find a number of them online and offer goods right at your house. Doing so maybe awkward for you for the first time and it’s better to get a nurse who can show you the entire cycle or lead you around it, at least once, so you can try it yourself later.

The toilet is the safest spot to get the stoma pouch adjusted. But be sure the surrounding bathroom is safe and sanitary for this operation. As the stoma is an open wound, you need to take all the steps possible to avoid any infection. Follow these directions until you have all the materials you need,:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. Also, it requires extensive cleaning. Make sure to wash your fingernails and your fingertips beneath. Cover your hands with a clean paper towel or towel.
  2. When you use a 2 piece stoma bag, using one hand to softly push the skin around the stoma. Push the seal off on the other cheek.
  3. Remove the pack, and carry the lock.
  4. Stuff the old pouch in a bag and throw it in the garbage.
  5. Cleanse the skin surrounding the stoma using warm water, soap and clean washcloth. Clean, with towels cold.
  6. There could be any leakage, usually a minimum. Check for some discolouration on the face. The usual hue of the skin is either red or purple. If the colour of the skin is black, blue or purple then contact the doctor to get it tested.
  7. Wipe them clean across the face using the unique skin wipes for stoma. Put any stoma powder on only the moist portion for some wetness.
  8. Using your own wipe again, brush gently across the powder and over the face.
  9. Let it dry at air for around 1 to 2 minutes.
  10. Measure the depth of your stoma using the special measurement device taking care not to contact the skin with the instrument.
  11. If a 2-piece pouch is used, draw the circular scale to the back of the ring seal and then cut the dimension off. Make sure the rims of the cut are clean.
  12. Add the ring lock to the ostomy pouch.
  13. Peel off the cover, or cut the file.
  14. Place any stoma paste in the ring seal around the eye, or put the stoma ring at the crack. Making sure the seal round the stoma is positioned uniformly. Hang on for a couple of minutes. You may even seek to keep the seal onto a moist fabric. This should help make it conform to your face.
  15. If required, place any bags of cotton or special gel in the pouch to avoid leakage.
  16. Add the clip to the ostomy pocket.
  17. Wash your hands moist with water and soap.