Concerning Watford Wireless Network Installations Association

You might just be at the point where the tiny, wired home network you designed a few months ago just doesn’t do it for you anymore, and you want to expand it with a wireless network. You may as well be at that stage, of course, where you want to create an entirely new network. Whatever the rationale might be, the issue is the same – you need to know exactly how to build a wireless network. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Watford Wireless Network Installations Association.

You’ll find it appropriate to instal a wireless router most of the time. Now, if you are either constructing your first home network or just want to keep the wireless network installation at the easiest level possible, you would only need to instal one of these. Remember to mount the router in your home in a very central position, because all receivers would be almost in the same line of sight this way. With wireless Internet, you see, the speed depends on the distance between the router and the receiver. All you have to do now is connect your router to a power source, and an Internet source, of course. Broadband modems and even dial-up connections are actually enabled by several routers. Still, if you purchase a router, make sure that if you need the dial-up link, it has an RS-232 serial port, because else you will find yourself having a useless router. Last but not least, since wireless routers usually have built-in access points, you can also connect to a wired router.

Choose your network name now. The network names are commonly called SSID, often with Wi-Fi. This SSID must, of course, be the same for all computers sharing the same wireless router. It is recommended to change it to something else for your own safety, no matter what name your router manufacturer sets. All you have to do in order to find a network name for your router is check the product documentation. Finally, to find out how to handle WEP protection, and also how to turn on firewall features and how to set other options, read the documentation.

Just one access point supports one wireless form of network link. Recalling this later on is quite important. This type of access point is only recommended if you really need the functionality that only a wireless router can offer and you still want to have more than three or four computers connected to the internet around the house.