Connecting The Water Supply To Your Backyard Pond

You need to give some thought to your water supply while you are planning your backyard pond. The size of your pond is the first thing to remember. You can only drag a garden hose over and fill your pond with it if the pond is going to be small. However, you may want to add a water line dedicated to your patio pond if your pond is larger, or you get tired of dragging the hose around. I strongly suggest you to visit Landscaping Colorado Springs to learn more about this.
To decide what licences you’ll need to receive, consult with your local building department. You will need to wonder how deeply the water line should be buried. This depends on the winter weather where you live, so you do not want to freeze and burst your pond water supply line. Similar to the float valve in your bathroom commode, you can attach the pond water supply line to a float valve. Float valves for livestock water tanks are sold in most hardware stores and farm supply stores. Your float valve can be concealed behind rocks or trees. I have used one of those fake rocks to mask the valve underneath it.
To the water faucet, you can connect the water supply line. Many individuals use an old garden hose that they cut to capacity. The supply line to your pond would need to be camouflaged. Personally, to cover the water faucet along with the electric controls for the pump to circulate the water, I like to use a big fake rock. Such rocks look lifelike, and will keep your water garden looking natural. (In the woods next to a spring, you don’t see a lot of water faucets.)
You would need to add a philtre if you are going to put koi or other fish in your pond. If not, there really isn’t any need to get one. To clean up the water in your pond, you may use swimming pool chemicals or just plain laundry bleach. It will cut down on the algae that will build up in your pond if you keep the pond water flow flowing. Every week or so, a bit of bleach and your patio pond will remain clean.
It’s really pretty easy to link a good water supply line to your pond. Within a single weekend, the average homeowner will do the job. You should employ a landscaper to do the job for you if you do not have any experience in electrical and plumbing repairs at all. But getting the fun of having a water garden or patio pond is the joy of creating it on your own. Especially when your friends relax by enjoying the peace and tranquilly of your little nature preserve and compliment you on your handiwork.