Cosmetic Dentist and the Celebrity Image

When it comes to our teeth, the picture that goes along with our smile may not be realised. For years we might have become used to the look of a friend, coworker or family member’s crooked, gaping or stained teeth. Imagine they came in one day with a brand new set of pearly whites. It’s easy to say that the immediate social circle of our connivance, including our self, would be shocked.TLC Dental Now imagine if our friend was recognised all over the world with photos of her or him plastered over the Internet and in magazines.

If they are a famous celebrity, our friend might be less likely to have their teeth looked at by a cosmetic dentist. One must consider the involvement and comments of the press and paparazzi, and how it can affect career, social and private life. Often this is the problem faced by celebrities having only a thin veneer applied to their teeth. The thinking is less of personal fulfillment and more of image.

For example take Steve Buscemi. He has been known for years as a great bad-teeth star. He could afford to carry himself to the cosmetic dentist at any time for a better, straighter face, but he has not. Many of us may have difficulty grasping the decision. Wouldn’t someone who’s able to afford a better smile want one? The decision with Steve is a difficult one. Now his image is embroidered in his crooked teeth. His teeth go along with the often-playing “crooked” characters. If he were to straighten his teeth he might no longer be considered for those positions, ending his career prematurely.

The same goes for designers. The gap-grin of Superstar model Lauren Hutton nearly became more popular than her. People started to equate the smile with the All-American girl’s wild, be-freckled image. She may have been able to repair the difference with some easy veneers by her cosmetic dentist, but she never wanted to go that path. Instead, she and her gap became one of the modelling icons, with people wondering if without it she would have had the same fame. Other models followed suit and graced a gap-toothed smile on magazine coverings.

Imperfect teeth are a continually evolving condition within celebrity culture. Many stars are advised to have veneers and whitening to fix their teeth. In reality, they also bring up comparisons to the “soap opera” smile when an actor has those perfectly pearly white ones. But sport stars, news anchors and others are urged to straighten and blanch their teeth as a way of getting more valued in their profession. Many stars are advised to leave their teeth alone as their imperfect smile to their picture is seen as an advantage.