Create Customized T-shirts And Accessories

A blank t-shirt with a personalized, customer-specific artwork or image printed on it is commonly referred to as a Design T-shirt. The consumer may select the blank t-shirt according to color, size, certain specifications and quality criteria and the printing method can differ based on the amount needed. To smaller batch sizes, the common printing methods involve screen printing to broad batch sizes and heat transfer or direct printing to the fabric. Although the idea of custom printing on individual t-shirts is not fresh even in India, it has been mostly limited to a few small players doing this in malls and some picture shops that have a few regular models to plug in pictures. There are plenty of options for large corporate buyers with large order sizes but people looking at 1 or 2 T-shirts to express their passions didn’t have much to choose from. An easily accessible location, physical or online, where individual customers can try out their own designs (not just photos) and see what it looks like before they decide to buy it will be of immense help, and this is where a website with an easy-to-use design creation application will play a part.Visit great gifts for more details.

Make tailor-made T-shirt

The design (also known as artwork) is the heart of any tailored t-shirt. Although the blank t-shirts are relatively normal, the artwork’s consistency and imagination sets great t-shirts aside from average ones. Depending on the degree of ability an artist will design the artwork using software such as Adobe Photoshop and then supply it to the designer who will replicate it on a t-shirt. Alternatively, some websites offer design interfaces that can be used to arrange, resize, edit or reshape different images on a t-shirt, for ease of use. Whatever the process used to create the artwork, the following simple principles guarantee that when put on a t-shirt, it looks good:

* Texts such as slogans, names, etc. can be typed in one or many lines but make sure the text is not overcrowded too much. The letters will be at least 1 inch in height to guarantee adequate readability on a t-shirt.

* The optimum duration of the text should be no more than 4 words of average length in a paragraph, and no more than 4 lines in a 10 inch print area. This would guarantee a text scale of around 1.5 inches and is handy for reading from a distance of a few feet.

* Ensure that the artwork is of outstanding quality (300 dpi), because that would guarantee good quality replication. Defines a print area of reasonable size; it may not be ideal to have a t-shirt entirely covered in prints. The optimal print position on the t-shirt ‘s body will be about 10 inches by 10 inches overall.

* High-quality images, caricatures, comics, etc. (300 DPI), are perfect for printing. Higher DPIs will be used but a little bit of the price would be lost.

Other products to be customised

In addition to T-shirts, items such as Ceramic coffee mugs and beer mugs, Mouse pads, Ceramic wall tiles and Coasters may be personalized to each particular artwork. The print area required for printing may differ depending on the product being used however, whether the artwork is of high quality , good quality printing can usually be achieved.