Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Buying Guide

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The main cost to the engagement ring is often the sparkling diamond or shimmering colored gemstone you choose to decorate it. It’s very important to learn as much as possible about the stone you ‘re considering to prevent costly mistakes. I strongly suggest you to visit Vancouver Diamonds to learn more about this. The best way to take the risk of buying a specific gem is by becoming acquainted with the gem. While the average consumer can not hope to make the same precise judgments as a qualified gemologist whose scientific training and wealth of practical experience provide a much larger database from which to operate, the consumer can learn to judge a gemstone as a “total personality” and learn what the critical factors are; colour, clarity (sometimes referred to as “perfection” in trade), sparkle Learning about these factors spending time looking, listening, and asking questions in the marketplace before making the purchase will prepare you to become a wise buyer more likely to get what you really want, at a fair price.

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The diamond engagement ring has emerged as the ultimate symbol of two people’s love and devotion. Not only is it the formal beginning; obvious “announcement” of your engagement, but the centuries-old tradition surrounding diamond represents both the valuability of the moment and the promise made by two people in love to cherish one another forever.

While some woman prefers to diamond other gems, or opts for the special significance of a family heirloom, a diamond is today’s bride’s overwhelming choice.

Some brides to be no doubt have been taken by surprise with the unexpected presentation of an engagement ring, but the task of selecting the ring together is probably safest to do. Although the surprise factor is very romantic, bear in mind that the engagement ring is intended to be worn for a lifetime. So the bride-to-be really likes it; that it represents her unique taste and style. If you are a die hard romantic who wants to surprise her, we suggest putting a picture of a ring you want inside the “little black ring box” and presenting it with this instead; it blends passion with practicality, so you send out another important message: not only do you love her, but you understand the importance of working together on such an important decision!

The preceding and following articles, we’ll give you everything you need to know to buy a diamond with greater confidence; whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, wedding or anniversary band, or just a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry to commemorate a significant moment. The more knowledge you have of the factors that decide the consistency of the diamond, the greater chances of understanding what you want, having exactly what you want and deriving lasting pleasure from it.