Diminishing Stretch Marks With Microneedling

You may be left with stretch marks on your skin if your body shape changes abruptly, whether it is from rapid weight loss or gain, pregnancy or for some other cause. When stretch marks have turned up, it can be very hard to get rid of them. While most of the time, certain stretch marks are pale and unnoticeable, when the skin is tanned, they may become more prominent. Since they find them unsightly, many people try to get rid of stretch marks. While there are a wide variety of creams , gels and home remedies that aim to minimise the presence of these labels, very few are as successful as users would like. Certain therapies, however, do work better than others, and for those who want to cover their marks, micro needling is a new choice.Learn more about us at Botox

The method of micro needling is a non-invasive one intended to rejuvenate and leave the skin looking smooth and even-toned. After only one session, several patients experience the outcomes they expect, while other patients do need a follow-up session to complete the procedure. If you were to continue to use creams or lotions for an extended period of time, the effects would also be apparent much sooner than they would be.

A numbing gel will be added to the area being treated before you receive the micro needling procedure, which ensures that the treatment will be virtually pain free, although some people feel slightly irritated as the treatment happens. The procedure itself is performed with a special “pen” system that will be directed by the treatment practitioner over the affected area. The pen produces in the skin tiny needle marks (puncture wounds) that are intended to facilitate increased development of collagen. Increasing the output amount of collagen in the affected region would help to give a thicker, plumper appearance to the skin.

After the micro needling treatment, when the skin has adequately healed, it will appear much better and fresher than it did when it was covered with typical stretch marks. This method is the perfect way for many applicants to get rid of these marks permanently with just one operation. While this treatment is not acceptable for all, it can benefit a lot of different individuals to reduce their stretch marks’ appearance. Discussing your stretch marks with skincare experts is one of the best ways to see if you are a good candidate for this form of procedure.