EverPresent – Discover a Way to Immortalize your Memories

For scientific advances occurring when we speak, there are forms in which we will accomplish things that were historically literally unimaginable. Photographs have long been a way of capturing a moment and holding it up to years. There is, indeed, a means in which we could turn images into a type that would immortalize them, with the not so recent technological advancements. This method includes digitizing and storing the images on DVDs or Flash drives. A whole batch of albums can be stored on a single DVD and managing your timeless memories becomes much easier.Do you want to learn more? Visit EverPresent Digitizing Services

Finding a Service Provider

There are service providers that can help create your memory box, but it would be wise spending a little time in finding a good provider. The perfect service provider would have access to state-of – the-art imaging and testing equipment. We would also give different choices and can even sell laser etched pieces, canvas prints, puzzles etc. With a bit of internet digging around you could easily find such a provider of picture scanning and printing services that would help you save and preserve your memories for ever.

Give them the images You’d need to submit the correct photos to the service providers so they can build your memory box. A good service provider will explain in detail how you need to give them the images. Setting the pictures in a logical order would be easier. Place pictures together in the same size and have them all facing up. That would avoid any misunderstanding during the cycle of scanning and printing. Make sure the box you are using to send the photos is sturdy and brand new. This would avoid any damage during the shipping process.

Choosing your Memory Box

You would next have to choose how many photographs you would want to digitize. You could choose from 600 to 1200 loose photos depending on your needs. All these photos can be stored on one DVD and can be cherished for years to come. Look for a service provider who offers high quality printing of photos. With a bit of looking around, you could find one that offers 300 DPI or more of resolution. Some good service providers even offer 600 and 1200 DPI resolutions in case you need ultra high quality prints. Color correction on all photos would also come in handy.