Get to know the details about Menstrual Hygiene Tips

Enable for a few seconds, then push on the surface of the pads to insert a piece of tissue. This is when a woman is standing, where there is usually pressure on the washable pads in a place like this. What are you feeling? If your tissue is damp, if yes, that means that it is not good to absorb the cloth menstrual pads. Try to imagine if you only use the top surface of the pads each month, which is always wet! Try using clear or translucent glass to prepare a 1/2 (half) cup of water and then blend. Scratch and engage in the heart of the pads (absorbent fabrics, cotton). Put some of the core portion of your cloth menstrual pads in a glass of water, and mix several times. Have you seen any? Do you destroy the core pads that have become turbid, such as paper pulp? If the answer is yes, the pads used for less quality products, recycled paper, are labelled.Do you want to learn more? look at this site

Try to imagine always using cotton menstrual pads made of recycled paper every month, fewer quality products using harmful chemicals with production processes!?? Taboo and stigma in our society surround the female menstrual cycle. It has become something to be ashamed of, something to be kept secret and not to be addressed. In other ancient civilizations, this did not used to be the case. During their menstruation, women were assumed to be more strong, mystical and to have special abilities. Together with the other women, they would gather and interact and care for themselves. Even today, many claims that women during some stages of their cycles are more intuitive, imaginative and even psychic. During their bleeding, in fact. This is a big jump from the filth and shame currently affecting the menstrual cycle. We are afraid of being seen purchasing “supplies.” God forbid anyone should know, especially a Child, that I am on my period. (But WHY is it so awkward?) It is deemed to be filthy and smelly. In order to cope with the smell, women are sold deodorants and fragrant goods.