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Estrogen Natural Triple or simply put Esnatri is a natural oestrogen cream that has revolutionized the natural hormone therapy by providing a much healthier and more effective way to replace hormones in middle-aged and other women suffering from hormonal problems either due to menopause or some other problem by using synthesized form of natural human oestrogen instead of horse estrogen.get more hormone replacement therapy

Dating back to the 1920s, when hormone replacement therapy began in women, physicians used estrogens derived from horse urine to replace the estrogen present in the woman’s body to relieve many of the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and other hormonal imbalances in women.
Very much like human estrogens, these horse urin-derived estrogens are not the same as human estrogens. First of all, these horse estrogens are not in the same range as the triple natural estrogens in the human body. Second, these horse estrogens are still foreign to the human body despite being very close to the estrogens found in the woman’s body, and are therefore not as healthy and as effective as natural estrogens in their functioning and role in the human body after replacement.a

In fact, these alien estrogens used in hormone replacement therapy can be toxic and detrimental to health, resulting in many severe health conditions like cancer not only because of their alien dosage and frequency ratio, but also because of how they are delivered in the body.

In such a case, Esnatri is a homeopathic cream of estrogen that includes the triple estrogen, estriol, estradiol and estrone synthesized in the same manner and proportion as they are naturally present in the woman’s body and carrying the same biochemical structure.

While most preparations for haormone replacement therapy contain these triple estrogens in the ratio of 80:10:10, this natural cream of estrogen, esnatri contains these hormones in the ratio of 90 percent estriol, 7 percent estradiol, and 3 percent estrone, which are the closest to the normal levels of estrogen in humans.

The cream of estrogen thus offers a healthy and natural hormone therapy treatment for women with many distressing hormone-related problems and symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disruptions, mood swings, depression, exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, back pain and reducing bone mineral density thus restoring normal health and fertility in women by replacing estrogen loss.