How IPL Photofacial Can Help With Facial Scars

IPL Photofacial, also known as “Intense Pulsed Light Therapy”, is a new technology utilized by health and cosmetic practitioners to do medical skin care and cosmetic treatments. It has the potential to help people who have scarring on their faces and neck because of an accident or another form of injury to the face. This kind of treatment is commonly employed on people who are experiencing dry and itchy skin. It can be done as a session that lasts 30 minutes and as a single treatment that lasts two hours. It works by using laser light for penetrating into the skin and healing the damaged areas. IPL treatment is used in conjunction with topical creams and lotions that contain active ingredients that work on the underlying cause of scarring. Visit us on West Dermatology Hillcrest-IPL Photofacial.

Although facial scars from accidents can be treated by conventional methods, it is expensive and very time consuming. Also, traditional methods do not offer permanent results. Many people who experience facial scarring from these causes find it extremely difficult to get rid of the scars completely. A typical procedure for removing facial scarring includes removal of the affected area with a razor blade or other cutting instrument. The area is then treated with a bleaching agent to remove the outer layers of skin and then repositioned so that the scarred skin is now hidden under the outer layers. The skin that was removed is then dried, removed from the surrounding tissue, and then repositioned. This procedure is only effective if the area being treated is covered by the surrounding skin.

IPL treatments are ideal for facial scarring because they eliminate the need for removing the scarred skin entirely. They also have the potential to help improve the appearance of the skin and make it less visible to others. In addition to helping the skin recover faster, IPL treatments can also help repair damaged skin while leaving behind new skin growth. One of the most common benefits of IPL procedures is the fact that it can also help the skin regenerate itself. This regenerating ability is one of the reasons why IPL is used in conjunction with traditional cosmetic procedures. This combination of regeneration and repair allows IPL to work in conjunction with its existing natural healing properties, leaving the skin stronger and healthier than before.