How To Choose The Right Curtain Accessories

The humble curtain, displayed by itself, would fail to live up to most expectations. But it can be decorated with the right curtain pieces, and curtains like no other can light up your home interior decor. Here are a few curtain accessories that are a must for your home interior decor plans.Have a look at sheer for more info on this.

Valances A touch of elegance give to formal living rooms, dining rooms or ornate rooms, drapes or custom curtains with valances. Curtains valances are cloth coverings which are commonly used as window framing. Alternatively they can also be creatively used to cover the rod or curtain line. Tastefully done valances add style and elegance to window arrangement.

Valances can be used creatively when they are either too long, too wide or placed at odd angles to draw attention away from not so ideal windows. The valance, which is in itself a short curtain or drape, can be used alone, or along with curtains, drapes or blinds.

Curtains valance can be used as a standalone window treatment if you want to let in natural light and if privacy isn’t an issue. When used alone without curtains and drapes, valances make a small space appear larger than it is in reality, making it more open and airy.

There are several products you can use to make valances of. They should be of the same fabric as the curtains themselves as a rule of thumb but some specialists like silk curtain valances would go with any kind of curtains.

Tiebacks and Tassels You will need tiebacks to hold the curtains open while adding a single valance to a set of two curtains. It is a creative way to accentuate them by adding fringes or a cord to a valance, and tassels can be matching material and style.

Equipment Rods Window handling hardware is available in a wide range of styles. Some curtain rods are designed for curtains to cover, while others are better shown prominently due to their highly decorative character.

If the rod is to be used you may hang the curtains in the top panel from decorative rings sewn in. Around the same time, considering both the curtain and the rod will save you the frustration of getting parts which do not match each other.

The decorative ends on the curtain rod are the Finials Curtain finishes. Finials can be small, ornate pieces of plastic to very heavy fancy. They can be found in made of wood, wrought iron, glass, or plastic. Hook, dagger, onion (or ball), and swirl are the most common and popular types.

You also have to be sure that the finals suit where the curtain is hanging. Consider the form and the molding around your frame. In some cases there is just no space for big fancy finals, nor is it always appropriate for the curtain type you’ve chosen

Use these tips to attach the right curtain accessories to your buying curtains so they stand out from the crowd and give your space that extra special look.