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It can be challenging to find the time to work out as a runner or walker, especially if you’re training for a marathon, half marathon or other endurance race. Here’s one trick to find the time. Learn more on


Remember the oxygen-mask tip of the airplane: take care of yourself before caring for others.

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Maybe you’re traveling on commercial flights so often that you jaded at the safety instructions given at the beginning of each commercial flight and forgot this important instruction: “If the oxygen masks drop out of the ceiling while the aircraft is in flight, put your mask around your nose and mouth before helping a neighbor put a mask around your nose and mouth.

The idea behind this instruction is a very important principle of safety: first you have to help yourself (get oxygen for yourself), if you can help someone else (get oxygen for others). So this trick to find time for your endurance running or walking workouts is related to the “Me Time” trick in that it says you must prioritize yourself.

In other words, you must first and foremost take care of yourself to be able to attain a mental state and a physical state that will allow you to serve others. If you ignore the oxygen mask instruction when you need it on an airline flight in an emergency, then you may be passing by trying to help someone else, which would not be good for either of you!

Similarly, if you ignore this tip in your daily life, then the resentment that can build up from not attending to your own desire to run or walk regularly will hurt not only you but also those around you.

In contrast, if you follow the oxygen-mask instruction during an airliner emergency, then you will have protected yourself enough that you will be able to help others with their oxygen masks, too.

Similarly, if you follow the principle of “oxygen mask” in your daily life, you will first take care of yourself, such as regularly working out with your endurance runs or walks, and you will both be in a better physical condition and a better mental state to serve those around.