Lewis Hamilton wins Russian Grand Prix Formular 1-Review

Lewis Hamilton has become the latest Mercedes driver to win in Russia. He qualified on the pole and had a great race, taking two victories and setting up an all-ordsinating fight with Ferrari for the championship. He also qualified ahead of Button and Ferrari and was right behind Ferrari’slli with two stops on the track, one of them by way of engine failure. This meant that Lewis Hamilton would be the Mercedes drivers’ main championship rival for the next season, though he admitted that it would be a close fought battle between him and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa. Hamilton also revealed that this season might not be as smooth as the others and that he may have to take a few engine parts to save the season. For more info visit here.

Lewis Hamilton qualified on pole for the Russian Grand Prix, having started from fourth place and went on to finish fourth after starting from eleventh. This came after he had been told by the team mechanics that his engine had suffered a problem while on the pit stop and so did not have sufficient fuel to continue. He also said that it was a fortunate start as it could have ruined the race for him, as the conditions at the time were very wet. Hamilton also started on the front row due to an error made by the race stewards and this allowed him to start on the second row. He then put in a great drive and kept going until he was eventually replaced by Jean-Annecy.

Hamilton had to stay out of the pits for several laps when the engine failed but finally completed the race. After the race he gave some further explanation to the television viewers and was interviewed by BBC Sport before being given the podium. He refused to answer any questions about the engine failure and remained rather quiet throughout the interview. He did however confirm that he would not be moving into fifth place within the next couple of weeks as he had been handed such a high order. However, despite missing out on the final podium, Lewis Hamilton still retains first place in the Drivers Championship.