Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – Where To Open Your Dispensary

What are the associated costs involved with opening a medical marijuana dispensary in your state? Getting a commercial permit to open a medical marijuana dispensary is probably one of the biggest startup costs of opening such a business. In most jurisdictions where medical marijuana dispensaries are permitted, the fee for an application to open such a business is upwards of $5,500. Some states require a local application fee as well, and there can be additional fees depending on how the state licenses its establishments. In addition to these startup fees, you will also have to pay a monthly fee to the government, which will likely vary in line with the jurisdiction. Click here to find more about Telluride Bud Company Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Durango – dispensary Durango are here
The second largest expense is the property acquisition fee that California law requires its establishments to pay. In fact, the San Francisco Giants baseball team was recently required by a California court to reimburse the city for the amount of property it owns in San Francisco County because the team was found to have engaged in illegal activities related to medical marijuana in the state. This case, however, was ultimately dropped by the California Supreme Court, and the team is free to play in the nation’s capitol without any further legal complications.
If you’re looking at a location for your medical marijuana dispensary, whether it’s in San Francisco or California, you need to understand that you can’t simply select any old place because it’s a federally approved location. Each state has mandated that its dispensary be located on a valid federal highway or near a valid co-op housing. If it’s located anywhere other than a valid co-op housing location, it’s considered a violation and you risk having your registration suspended. So before you even think about opening your medical marijuana dispensary in any state, you need to take all of these factors into account. There’s no benefit to starting it in a state that will complicate the process or put your business in jeopardy.