Radio Installation- Maintain Business Communication During an Emergency

Natural and man-made catastrophes will result in emergencies and power outages that last a couple of hours, a couple of days or, in the worst cases, a week or more. That will cost thousands of dollars for your company. Checkout Radio Installation.

Emergency and public protection services such as police and fire forces, emergency personnel, and security at the college campus rely on two-way commercial radios. In natural disasters and other crises the company can even switch to commercial two-way radios. In emergency cases, two-way radios are an economical tool that will save the company money!

Why Two Way Radios is an excellent way to maintain communication during an emergency and keep your business operating.

  1. Radios do not focus on mobile towers in two respects as do cell phones. We network to computer run independently of some other device. If electricity drops out to a mobile tower, or the tower is broken down, you interrupt cell phone coverage. Be alert to using 2-way radios in an emergency to stop overwhelmed wireless communication networks.
  2. Radios don’t depend on phone lines in two respects. Much as the mobile phone antennas, network networks may be kicked down. When the electricity goes out to a telecommunications network, if there is a broken connection in the grid, you interrupt mobile service. Being armed with radios of 2 kinds should solve this possible contact issue.
  3. If you follow the tips below and using commercial 2 way radios the squad would be able to sustain radio contact in an emergency for hours, even days, around a fixed position or building campus without power.

Then the problem becomes: when there’s no electricity to pull from, how do you charge your commercial two-way radio batteries?

How to stay charging and working your two-way radio battery during a power failure, disaster or emergency:

  1. Be prepared: You can keep the batteries charged for your emergency radios even though you do not use two-way radios as part of your daily day-to-day service and perform a radio test once a week. The weekly radio test will improve the way radios are used which can instill healthy radio behaviors. A weekly radio test will show whether there are any problems with hardware or staff. Personnel having to prepare during an emergency can absorb rather than save battery capacity.
  2. Have Radio Battery Equipment Spare Two Way, accessible & Convenient. Many consumer two way radio chargers have an extra battery slot on them. In having two batteries filled you essentially increase the radios’ useful life in an emergency. Alternatively certain compact two way radios may be fitted with alkaline batteries of normal capacity. Such alkaline batteries have a long shelf life, which may be beneficial if the power loss is extended.
  3. Charge your machine with your two way radio battery

If your device has an continuous battery backup (UPS) power source, it will also hold your two-way radio running during an emergency situation or power failure. Only screw it in, and you’re going to have enough electricity to refresh your radio batteries to last at least a full day, and maybe more.