Self Serve Car Washes – Know More

And if you’re conducting a bunch of person work on self-serving car washes, don’t find a ton of details to be contained on the Web. Coin-op car wash owners claim that 76 per cent have connections to the internet. Checkout Buccaneer Car Wash for more info. The total demographic of the United States is 64 per cent. Not any more, because this industry’s low-tech market continues to remain un-tech. Just 15 per cent of the surveyed coin-ops took credit cards for tickets, computers or even vending machines. For which 17 per cent reported just to have concession devices, the rest of which, if they had them, believe they became 1/3 of their profits. Just 4 per cent had fountains with drinking water. In the last five years, 13 per cent installed an automatic in port. There were more than one place in 51 per cent.

Today I visited 3 car washes owned by the same guy, which were coin ops. One had seven bays, another had three bays and one automatic, another had a front car wash with four bays and an automatic and another car wash with four more coin-op bays in the back. All had computers and staff. The survey had seemed to match today’s analysis. In middle-income areas, 68 per cent said they were in. From 2000-2003 studies, just 7-9 per cent had more than 5 car wash sites and, in general, they were not all in only one area. Those with automated in bay systems reported that these inbay units produced a gross of $5,435.00 and the average cost for Appliances was almost $2,000.00, with an estimated breakdown period of 2 weeks per year. Fifteen days. For the industry the best season was winter. Spring was considered really successful too. The strongest hours were Noon to 7 pm. Saturdays are best day of the week. Just 18 per cent have caregivers. There were 43 per cent part-time and mostly weekends workers. The average gross income for each bay was $1300 per month.

The units we visited today seem to be perhaps slightly higher inline than this one from the Auto Laundry News Poll. All surveyed said that they made less money in 2002 than in previous years, which would make sense because of the smaller amount of personal money, less money flow in this recession and lower figures for employment. Droughts and water scarcity, limitations and general attitudes regarding water were still issues that threaten the sector. Twenty per cent of all coin-op operators are contemplating constructing another. 27 per cent said they had other self-services in the marketing area of their car wash.