True Capitalism and Coworking Spaces

In every industry, age group, and history, this recession has impacted people, making this recession as debilitating as the ‘Great Depression.’ With more unemployment yet to come, the numbers being published in the US are bleak and many people in their 50s will not ever find jobs again. Some may see this as total doom, but we all need to examine meaning, justice, and what capitalism actually means as a shake-up. Jersey City Shared Office Space Association is one of the authority sites on this topic.

You can picture a rich oligarch sitting on an opulent throne, greening his teeth with all his money, while the rest of us sit at his feet. Capitalism has always had a scourge-esque connotation. This was never the purpose of capitalism, though, and it was initially set up to give all economic equality. Capitalism, as described by definition, is when investments are made in the economy by private actors rather than by a central government. ‘Government’ can literally mean the government itself of the monolithic corporations that have operated in an authoritarian and ruling manner over the past 70 years. Why would we want the continuity of this way of capitalism?

We agree that the social duty of supplying services and goods to peers to create an economy is capitalism. This is not greed or greed, but the process of establishing an autonomous economic flow that can help all.

How Is True Capitalism Created?

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to take harmful risks or make millions. You may be a businessman who produces a company that generates an immediate salary. True capitalism is about freedom, because one more person who creates their own economy is one more person who contributes and creates economic flow to other businesses. The money hasn’t gone anywhere, it has only stagnated, and we need to build sustainable companies that will start investing again and provide other businesses with a forum.

Coworking spaces are a perfect breeding ground for true capitalism, when you see the representatives of THECUBE London, sharing services, building ties, all while preserving their economic freedom. Space entrepreneurs may not be the next Donald Trump, but they contribute to each other’s economy and take constructive measures to build viable and strong businesses. As microcosms of a modern economic system, we see coworking spaces, companies behave equally, set great value and provide a new moral code for business exchange.