Vehicle Wraps – Get Paid To Drive

Can you get paid for driving, really? If you’re allowed to equip your car with what’s called vehicle wraps or car wraps, you can. Here’s something of a history:Speedy Pros

Roadside advertising was at its peak in the 1990s, with billboard space becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to get by. Someone came up with the concept of such vehicle graphics or car advertising, whereby vehicle “graphics” were put on people ‘s vehicles; when those people were driving their cars, the advertisement of a business was pushed along with it, so to speak, and people would only see such advertisements as they were driving down the lane.

Wrap Types

  • Enterprise Vehicle Wraps

Companies wishing to advertise their goods or services that use wraps of vehicles to do so. Often they can do vehicle graphics on their own vehicles or on the vehicles of their employees, so that their services are advertised quickly and easily and are simply part of the “business.” Alternatively, some companies will also pay people to have wraps placed on their cars; as previously stated, this is where vehicle graphics are applied to people’s personal cars and they are paid to simply drive w People who choose to participate in this can usually expect to make $1,000 a year for small graphics (driving about 1000 miles a month), or up to $6,000 a year for larger ones.

  • Wraps of financial, public service or special interest

Some organizations are also going to pay people for driving their cars with car wraps advertising a particular event, political organization or party, election, etc. In some cases, you can also volunteer to put car wraps on your car; then, by placing an ad on your car, you essentially “volunteer” your time, stumping or causing a particular candidate.

Are they free to exploit?

Car wraps are absolutely safe to use, and are not going to damage your car. They are not permanent; they can be applied and peeled on a whim, without damaging glass or body paint. Of course, it’s good to note that when you’re driving you can never apply car wraps in areas where they block your field of vision.


You must qualify to take part in paid vehicle graphics promotions, in that you must drive at least 1000 miles a month (company specifications vary), you must be at least 18 years old, and you must have a driver’s license and your own car to participate.

Many businesses often expect you to be local, and they can verify and make sure that you are actually driving the amount of miles that their vehicle graphics demand on your car. Again the specifications of the company differ. If you are interested in getting paid to drive with vehicle wraps, you can check online by locally searching for companies in your area that are looking for this form of help. There are also national-based programs that participate; if you are interested in signing up with one of these, you can look for a local-based company that wants to participate in the advertising campaigns for vehicle wraps.