What Is Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is a competition similar to darts, in which the athlete throws an axe at a target, aiming to reach a bullseye as near as possible. World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is the governing body for axe throwing activity.I strongly suggest you to visit Twisted Axes Throw House  to learn more about this.

Move over, bowling. Axe-throwing is the new league sport.

Let’s look at the rating system:

Your goal should have four rings and a bullseye in the middle at any position approved by WATL. Each ring at the bullseye is worth little by little further points up to six.

On the outer rim, the two tiny dots have a strong danger and reward trade-off and are regarded as the killshot.

At some moments in the game you can only attempt a killshot, and they are worth eight points.

A regular game requires 10 throws accompanied by tiebreakers. Players play 1-on-1, and after the ten kicks, the winner is the player with the largest amount of marks.

The highest score in-game is 64 (86)+(28), and the above killshot is eligible for scoring on the match’s fifth and tenth throws (usually players switch goals after five throws to guarantee an fair play experience).

If they’re strong enough, players will participate in leagues and even in a World Championship! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

We first need to go into the correct way of handling and throwing an axe before we can get you swinging. Then we’ll go through some more enjoyable games that you can play in an axe throwing location.