Window Shutters on a Budget

Although custom-made interior wooden window shutters are of great benefit for installation, they are still often too costly for other applications. Many options are less costly but still much less desirable – like poly or vinyl shutters. Look at a business that offers individual solid wood shutter panels that can be mounted in any setup for a good quality solution at a cheaper rate. Checkout Shuttercraft Lichfield for more info.

There are a few things to be kept in mind when looking for individual shutter frames. The most significant aspect is the material used in producing the panels for the internal shutter. For window shutters Basswood has the strongest qualities as it is a really smooth hard wood with no distortion. Basswood often boasts a good, smooth texture and indistinct grain, rendering it excellent for painting or staining. You should also look for a company that can make a lot of panel sizes to get the best final fit for your window.

How to Decide Specific Window Sizes To Order It is important to specify how to install the shutters before ordering the shutter panels. Often hanging strips can be used to tie shutters to the outside of the window frame. A trustworthy firm should have guidance about various ways of deployment and you can decide the right way to mount it on a particular device.

Width: Calculate the area distance you intend to cover the shutters (NOT having any trim strips).

1.Divide that width by the number of panels across the window you want. The estimated width of each panel will be given. Round this figure to 1/4 inch closeest.

Example: Distance = 36-7/16 “Divide by 4 and round up to 1/4” nearest order (4) 9-1/4 “long shutter panels Height: up to 1” can be trimmed off the top and bottom of each panel (a minimum of 2 “per panel).

1.Combine individual panel heights as needed for a two-tiered structure (panels throughout top and bottom).

Finishing May be finished or polished to a perfect finish with a good quality wood shutter frame. Even if the shutters arrive and look relatively smooth, a quick sanding is advised before finishing cycle starts. The primer and the paint may be sprayed after sanding and wiping off some residue. A better finish is also obtained by rubbing the primer and paint, but the use of a high-quality brush may also provide a good finish. Ignore the directions provided by the stain fabricator while staining. Until staining, the stain maker can suggest adding a wood conditioner to ensure persistence of stain even in the paint.